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Past Questions and Answers | July 2016

Question #1

Question:  Why do the end of my leaves go brown on my yucca plant

  Lyn Gough, Lichfield Staffs, United Kingdom


ANSWER:   You are watering it too much. Remember that the yucca plant lives in a very dry place. Let the top 2.5 inches of soil dry out before you water it again.

Question #2

Question:  Yellow squash was light yellow and soft, now they are growing in dark yellow and hard. 4 to 6"

  Linda, Mead, Oklahoma


ANSWER:   Are you growing your squash near cucumbers? These two vegetables will cross pollinate and you get some pretty bad tasting things off your squash vines. You need to put the cucumbers in the corner of your garden as far from your squash as you can put them, and your squash will be what it is supposed to be.

Question #3

Question:  Why are the leaves on my tomato plant are curling?

  Phyllis Skinner, Shorewood


ANSWER:   You tomato plant may have tomato yellow leaf curl virus. This is spread by whiteflies. It is not treatable one the tomato gets it. You need to pull-out the plant and put it in a plastic bag immediately to trap the whiteflies feeding on the tomato plant. Seal the bag and put it in the trash. Do not compost it or you will spread the disease. You can get tomato plants that are resistant to this disease.

Question #4

Question:  When is the correct time of year, to prune a GOLDEN CHAIN VOSSI TREE?



ANSWER:   You should prune this plant in the late summer or it will have sap bleed. All parts of this tree are toxic so wear long sleeves and gloves when you are pruning it, and be sure to pick up and dispose of the parts you cut off in the trash.

Question #5

Question:  Hello there.

I am growing some carrots in a raised bed. What conditions do they best prefer? I need them to grow big.

Many Thanks.

  Harold, Devon, United Kingdom


ANSWER:   If you want large carrots, you need to build a raised bed that is at least eighteen inches deep. Fill the raised bed with a mixture of 50% garden soil and 50% compost. Plant the carrots. When they come up, thin them to one every six inches so the carrots have room to get big. You will need to water them enough to keep the soil moist but not soggy. They will use a lot of water because they are growing their root so large.

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