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Past Questions and Answers | January 2016

Question #1

Question:  How do I stop blossom end rot on tomatoes?

  Bud Craig, Audubon, NJ


ANSWER:   Blossom end rot is caused by a calcium imbalance in the tomato. It frequently happens when tomatoes are subjected to a drought after having had adequate supplies of water up until the drought. The best way to prevent it is to give the tomato water on a regular schedule. It should have good drainage so the water does not puddle around the tomato but is absorbed into the ground. You can also spread fertilizer containing a lot of phosphorous such as 4-12-4 as a side dressing.

Question #2

Question:  My rm. is 70 degrees, banana roots look like limp spaghetti & no leaf growth. If I put heat pad under & humidifier will banana start growing good roots & leaves again? What about changing soil to cactus soil?

  Christine M Horan, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


ANSWER:   Bananas should be overwintered in a cool and dry place. They need to be at about 45 degrees to go dormant. You have had your banana tree in an area with too high a temperature for it and it has had root rot and died. At this point all you can do is replace it with another plant.

Question #3

Question:  When is the best time to transplant a trumpet plant?

  Ann Lucas, Wewahitchka, Florida


ANSWER:   The best time to transplant a trumpet plant is late fall or early spring.

Question #4

Question:  I read about the molasses usage for the crops and interesting.

I was about the buy 500 tons of damaged molasses, the molasses became like clinker.

The potasium(K) content in the damaged clinkered molasses was 2.4%.

Please advise can i apply this damaged molasses make it powder and spread on the Sugar cane fields to supplements the potasium.

As i expect its worth to buy and sell as equivalent cost of 12 tons potasium to the farmers.

Your help on this issue is highly appreciated,



ANSWER:   I cannot advise you on this. Your best bet is to contact your county or district extension agent for this.

Question #5

Question:  My lawn has been waterlogged since June, any rain we get turns it into a paddy field.

How can I get the water to drain quicker?



ANSWER:   You will need to consult with a contractor for this severe a drainage problem. They can advise you whether to raise the yard with dirt to increase the drainage problem, install a French drain or other drainage system, or other remedies for the problem.

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