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Past Questions and Answers | December 2015

Question #1

Question:  Can I put my Leopard tree in a container and then plant it as is in the garden? How tall will it grow if I use a 300l container?

  Myrtle Venter, Paarl, Western Cape


ANSWER:   Leopard trees have a large root system and would become root bound after three to four years in the container. The tree may reach ten to fifteen feet but will ultimately die if put in the container because the roots will girdle the tree.

Question #2

Question:  What is the recommended amount of 5-10-10 fertilizer on carrots and I am planting about 18 with 3 per container? How long will it take for the carrots to mature with the recommended amount of fertilizer?

  Mason Caleca, Lititz, Pennsylvania


ANSWER:   The fertilizer container will have a recommended amount of fertilizer to put on the carrots. About a teaspoon full should be mixed with the dirt then the seed should be planted. The time from planting to being mature varies by variety of carrot. It should be listed on the seed packet as days to harvest from planting.

Question #3

Question:  I have 2 large begonia tubers can I half them or would this kill them? Thanks

  Peter Johnson, South Shields, Tyne & Wear


ANSWER:   You can halve them but then dust them with sulphur and allow them to dry out before planting. You need to divide the tubers in the winter when they are dormant and plant them in the spring.

Question #4

Question:  How do geraniums do in the hot, dry climate in the summer and wet and humid climate during the rainy season in Panama.

  IIdiko Beermann, Panama City, Panama


ANSWER:   The roots will rot during the rainy season unless they are on a hill or slope where the drainage is very good. In the dry season, you will have to water them just enough to keep them moist but not soggy.

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