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Past Questions and Answers | April 2016

Question #1

Question:  My co worker has an ahhxygen house plant that has grown enormous in his office- The problem is , is that it has grown side ways and kind of to the left-not sure what to do-how can we make it grow straight?

  Veronica Rihardson, Atlanta, GA


ANSWER:   Your plant is growing sideways because that is where the light is coming into the room. If you turn the pot 180 degrees around, it will slowly begin leaning to the right. When it does, turn the pot one quarter. Do this every 30 days. That will make it grow straight up.

Question #2

Question:  Last year our apple's had brown spots and worm holes. Is there a spray one should use, in the spring, trees are pruned and started to place tree spikes this year. trees are 15 to 20 years old.

Thank you for any help



ANSWER:   You probably have apple maggots. The adult fly lays eggs just under the skin of the apple. When the eggs hatch, they feed on the apple from the inside, causing brown spots. When the larvae become adults, they make another hole in the apple to exit. Spraying the apples after the brown spots and worm holes appear is ineffective because the apple skin shields the larvae from the spray. You need to spray earlier in the year, when the adult apple maggot flies are present. If you kill them, it disrupts the breeding cycle and your apples will be safe. Your extension agent should be able to tell you when the first spray should be applied and how often you should spray to protect your apples. Organophosphates are the preferred spray for this pest.

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