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Past Questions and Answers | April 2014

Question #1

Question:  What vegetable is harvested when the head is full grown?

  John Limuuel C Musngi, San Fernando, Pampanga


ANSWER:   Cauliflower is harvested when the head is full grown, so is cabbage. Broccoli is harvested when the head is not full grown.

Question #2

Question:  When is the best time to till the ground. This will be our first year having a garden so the ground has never been tilled.qqq

  Terri Stone, Tunnel Hill


ANSWER:   As soon as you can work the soil. That means when it thaws enough to till it.

Question #3

Question:  I have common duwweltjie in my lawn. Tried banweed but to no avail. Is there anything out there that will work?

  Des Clark, Kempton Park, Gauteng


ANSWER:   What type of lawn do you have? This weed is a broadleaf weed and can be killed with 2,4,-D. However, if you have a St. Augustine lawn, you cannot use that because it will kill your lawn. If you have St. Augustine, you will have to pull them out. Severing the tap root will kill them.

Question #4

Question:  How do you get rid of switch grass?

  Robin Wilkes, London


ANSWER:   A pesticide with Glyphosate in it will kill it.

Question #5

Question:  When is the best time to plant a grape vine?

  Delmer Chaney, Pikeville, KY


ANSWER:   When it is dormant, usually December or January. You can probably get away with planting it in early February in your area, but no later in the year.

Question #6

Question:  How do treat a tree that has lost large limb due to wind? The limb has split from main trunk but is not completely separated from trunk.

  Bob LeFevre, Sr., Adams Center, NY


ANSWER:   Have an arborist come cut the large limb off the tree so it has a clean wound that will heal probably.

Question #7

Question:  We planted a garden last year and just let all the weeds grow back throughout fall and winter. Should we just till them in this spring or should we kill them first? Also, if we should kill them first what products do you recommend and should we rake the dead weeds off or till them back in? Thanks!

  Jill Mattingly, Evansville, IN


ANSWER:   If you till them in without killing them, they will just come back. You can use RoundUp to kill the weeds, then you can till the dead weeds into the garden for additional organic matter. For future reference, you should plant a clover during the fall and winter to keep the weeds away, then till it under when you get ready to plant your vegetables.

Question #8

Question:  I think my red hot poker plant froze during the summer. Can I cut it back?

  Marilyn Krause, Enumclaw, WA


ANSWER:   Yes, and it may come back. It may not survive even if you cut it back, however, depending on how severely it was frozen.

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