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Use Corn Gluten To Control Weeds and Ants!

Corn Gluten Meal is a natural pre-emergent that safely inhibits the germination of grass and weed seeds.

It has also been used to effectively control ants. By putting the meal around ant hills, over time they will die off.

It comes in powder and granular formulations, and is available in most garden centers.

For more information read: Corn Gluten Meal

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Contest & Prizes | BEST GARDENING WINNERS 2007


These Contests Are Now Closed


Tallest Sunflower

2007 Winner

Herbert L. Shelton
Carbondale, IL, USA

Variety: Not Known
Height: 15 feet, 5 - 3/4 inches (4.6 m, 15 cm)

Judge's Comments:

Since this category is judged by height, it was pretty easy.

This year, however, did blow away last year's winner by over 9 feet (2.7 m)!

Job well done.

Best Makeover

click images for larger view

2007 Winner
Susan St.Pierre
North Adams, MA, USA

Judge's Comments:

What impressed us most was the total transformation of the area. Obviously one picture was taken when the trees were dormant, and then again when the trees were leafed out, which alone can transform an area, but the fact that each stone was moved by hand was incredible. The raised beds now available for planting, and the lawn area than can now be used for other recreation or pure enjoyment, complements the rustic setting in a way that looks very natural and complements the existing area. Good use of materials.

Best Makeover

click images for larger view

2007 Honorable Mention
Christopher Derrick
New Farm, Australia

Judge's Comments:

The effect created in this makeover is very nice and the plant material relieves the eye of the existing concrete surrounding the area. The shrubbery in the back sheared to different heights creates some interest. Overall, a job well done.
Suggestions: The entire area seems very green. Use some different leaf textures and colors to create more interest. From the image it looks as though all very fine-leaved varieties were used. Some coarser textured plants, or plants with some different leaf colors could lend some appeal and excitement without taking away from the goal of a low maintenance yard.

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