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Past Articles Library | Container Gardening

Grow Lily of the Valley Indoors

Double Plant Your Bulbs For Maximum Splendor

Clean Your Clay Pots To Look Like New

How To Antique Your Pots & Add Fall Flowering Plants!

Protect Your Pots From Freezing Winter Cold

Designing a Dish Garden

Planter Box Herbs

Garden One Inch at a Time-Square Inch Gardening

Amaryllis-The Easiest Bulb to Force

Growing Carrots in a Container

How to Create a Container Garden

Creating an Indoor Moss Garden in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a Simple Vertical Aquaponic System

Changing a Simple Table into a Planted Table

How to Make 3 DIY Self-Watering Planters or Containers

7 Unique DIY Planter Designs

4 Unique Planters from Found Objects

How to Build a Terrarium

How to Build and Plant a Vertical Garden Pyramid

How to Create a Wheel Herb Planter

Learn How to Create Two Simple Strawberry Towers

The Simplest Garden Tower

Creating a Useful Windowsill Herb Garden

Creative Ways to Upcycle your Clay Pots

How to Make a String Garden or Kokedama

Creating a Vertical Clay Pot Garden

3 Ways of Creating DIY Hypertufa Molds

/home/ Planting an Early Spring Container Garden

Creating Year-Round Container Gardens with Durability and Longevity


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Is Your Lawn Dry?

Lawns need up to an inch of water each week to do well. If it doesn't rain a lot in your area, you'll have to water.

A good way to see if you lawn needs water - walk across it.

If your lawn shows footprints after you walk across it, it's dry and needs water.

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