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Past Articles Library | Container Gardening

Grow Lily of the Valley Indoors

Double Plant Your Bulbs For Maximum Splendor

Clean Your Clay Pots To Look Like New

How To Antique Your Pots & Add Fall Flowering Plants!

Protect Your Pots From Freezing Winter Cold

Designing a Dish Garden

Planter Box Herbs

Garden One Inch at a Time-Square Inch Gardening

Amaryllis-The Easiest Bulb to Force

Growing Carrots in a Container

How to Create a Container Garden

Creating an Indoor Moss Garden in 4 Easy Steps

Creating a Simple Vertical Aquaponic System

Changing a Simple Table into a Planted Table

How to Make 3 DIY Self-Watering Planters or Containers

7 Unique DIY Planter Designs

4 Unique Planters from Found Objects

How to Build a Terrarium

How to Build and Plant a Vertical Garden Pyramid

How to Create a Wheel Herb Planter

Learn How to Create Two Simple Strawberry Towers

The Simplest Garden Tower

Creating a Useful Windowsill Herb Garden

Creative Ways to Upcycle your Clay Pots

How to Make a String Garden or Kokedama

Creating a Vertical Clay Pot Garden

3 Ways of Creating DIY Hypertufa Molds

Planting an Early Spring Container Garden

Creating Year-Round Container Gardens with Durability and Longevity


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Check Light Availability

Most shrubs can grow in both sun and shade to varying degrees.

Many flowering shrubs, however, tend to need some sun to flower.

Be sure to double check the amount of light you have available to the shrubs you are planning to plant so you are happy with the outcome.

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