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Growing Tips:

  • Likes full sun

  • This combination of plants does best in warm summer temperatures

  • Remove old flowers on Marigold and Geranium plants. Pinch back to keep full

  • Plants like regular water. Keep moist but not soggy; allow soil to dry out a bit between waterings

  • Feed every two weeks with a water-soluble fertilizer. Hydrolyzed fish fertilizer mixed with kelp works wonders

Click picture for larger image


Container is urn shaped

Diameter: 14 inches (35 cm)

Plant Names & Comments:

  1. Leather Leaf Sedge
    (Carex buchananii)
    Grasslike clumping plant with curly tips and striking reddish bronze color

  2. Geranium
    Comes with single or double flowers

  3. Marigold
    Warm-season annual with bright, long-lasting flowers

  4. Petunia
    Outstanding long-lasting color, with trailing habit

1. Leather Leaf Sedge

2. Geranium - Scarlet

3. Marigold - Durango Yellow

4. Petunia - White

Some Information and Pictures from Ball Horticulture

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