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We have several favorite gardening articles, blog posts and blogs to share with you. To make it easy, we have separated them into their own categories. Enjoy!

Favorite Gardening Articles:

6 Key Tips To Growing Perfect African Violets
If you have ever struggled with growing African violets, this story is for you! With these 6 easy tips, you will be able to tame any African violet that has ever given you trouble.

How To Grow Tricyrtis – Toad Lily
Do you love orchids, but can’t or don’t want to cater to their many needs? Then try growing a Toad Lily. This very tough, hardy perennial has orchidlike flowers, but is super easy to grow in almost any climate, and has few growing requirements. If you want the exotic without all the work, this plant is for you!

The Complete Growing & Pruning Guidebook For Dazzling Hydrangeas
Have you ever had questions about why your hydrangeas don’t flower, or when is the best time to prune them, or how to get larger flowers? Well your questions are answered in this detailed step-by-step article as we give specific pruning and growing conditions for all types of hydrangeas.

How To Organically Kill Snails and Slugs
If you’re looking for ways to control snails and slugs, read this! We have exhaustively listed all ways to kill garden snails and slugs so you can choose which method will work best for you.

Growing Tomatoes & Tomato Growing Tips
This is a comprehensive and complete guide on how to start, grow, care for, and harvest tomatoes. Also has pictures of common diseases and pests and solutions on how to treat them.

The Wonders of Mulch
A Complete How To Use Mulch Guide.

How To Start A Vegetable Garden (part 1)
This is a great tutorial for anyone who has ever wanted to start a garden, or would like to learn how to grow vegetables better, with more successful results.

How To Maintain A Vegetable Garden (part 2)
Make sure the start you gave to your vegetable plants in “How To Start A Vegetable Garden” continues, with this follow-up tutorial on how to keep your garden thriving.

Vegetable & Fruit Harvest Guide (part 3)
This is the third and final part of our “Vegetable Growing Series.” This tutorial shows you how to harvest vegetables and fruit for peak flavor and optimum storage.

How To Plant Bare-Root Trees and Shrubs
There are certain techniques to planting bare-root trees and shrubs. Make sure your plants thrive by planting them properly.

How To Prune Roses
Grow dazzling, beautiful roses every year. Learn how to quickly, and properly, prune your rose bushes.

Favorite Blog Posts:

Easy To Grow Hybrid Tea Roses For Beginners

Wood Ash In My Garden As A Fertilizer

Grass Types Growing And Picture Guide

Vegetable Gardening Growing Guides

How To Make A Mini Greenhouse

Kill Fungus, Bacteria and Moss!

Crown of Thorns – Euphorbia milii

The Best Way to Ripen Green Tomatoes

Grow Your Own Spinach Indoors or Out!

Nertera granadensis – Bead Plant – caring for house plants

Favorite Blogs:

Cat News & Names Blog

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