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Product Review: Stanley Folding Saw

Written by Mindy on February 20th, 2019

Ok, I have to admit there are times that I am just lazy as a gardener and yes, there are times that I use the wrong tool for the task just because I do not want to have to walk up to the garden shed for the correct tool but…….with a little planning and the right product, you will not have to. This is where the Stanley Folding Saw comes into play.


To begin with, this saw is so compact that it easily fits into my garden bucket that I carry around with me as I walk in my garden space. While I have placed a saw in my garden carryall, I always seem to brush my arm against the teeth of the saw and in doing so at least scraping my arm and at worst, cutting myself. The fact that the blade folds up makes it a wonderful and safe addition to my transportable gardening tool box.

The other point I like to bring to light is the hole in the handle by which I can run a rope or other attachment through for securing it to a number of things. This includes my gardening tool belt, belt loop or even the handle to my gardening bucket. This saves me time and energy when it comes to finding the tool when I need it. Also, it allows me to simply go out on my property with a few tools on my person and hands-free to continue with my gardening to-do list.

All in all, I give this tool two green thumbs up but….what makes it a wonderful garden tool also creates a problem. What is this? Well, it is the fact that it is foldable. When cutting plant material, there will come a time by which you need to remove diseased parts of a plant. In the best situation, you would wipe down the saw after every use to prevent contaminating the next cut but… a hurry to get the garden chores done; many people will forget to do this step. Once the saw is closed, the disease and/or pest will be in the folded part of the handle and will continue to spread every time you open and close the saw. While there is no sure way of preventing this due to the design of this product, just always remember to wipe down the cut surface after every cut regardless if you view it disease or not. If in doubt, soak the entire saw in a bucket of water that has had a capful of bleach added. This should be enough to kill any plant diseases and/or pests that may remain after use.


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