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Protect your Pets – Tips on Reducing Ticks and Fleas in your Lawn Naturally

Written by Mindy on February 10th, 2018

While there are chemical treatments that be sprayed on your lawn to hopefully kill fleas and ticks, this is a haphazard approach at best. The best way to reduce the number of pet pests to deal with is through proper environmental management and this starts with allowing Mother Nature do what she does best-manage. first step is to maintain the proper grass height. Keeping the grass too tall gives the fleas and ticks areas to hide. On the other hand, mowing the grass too short chases away the natural predators of these blood sucking pests. What are these natural predators? Well, believe it or not, it is spiders and ants. Keeping your grass at the optional grass is the key to keep these beneficial bugs around but that height is dependent on the type of grass you have.

A moist environment is something else that fleas and ticks love. Not overwatering your grass and making sure that the soil remains well draining is a simple way of controlling these blood suckers.

To reduce areas by which fleas and ticks can hide is another approach. What this means is to remove any debris around the yard. This includes leaves, dead plant material along with empty pots. Also, do not forget to clean out the vegetable garden and flowerbeds. Doing this will not only cut down on the hiding places but will also not create areas by which their eggs can be laid.

Since fleas and ticks like moist place, they also love shade. Properly pruning your trees and shrubs so that you allow the sunshine in will encourage these pests to move on.

While some may feel that the old story of using cedar mulch is an old-wise-tale when it comes to fleas and ticks, believe it or not it is not. Using cedar mulch where your pets play and/or live can reduce the numbers. Using this type of mulch in flowerbeds around your home can discourage the entrance of these pests into your home. Another technique is to make a border of cedar around your property. This may not be a favorite approach; it does create that protective area.

Lastly, attracting birds to your landscape but………this too can be a problem. While birds will eat garden pests, it you are attracting the birds with bird food then you are also attracting a warm blooded creature the squirrel. This animal will carry in fleas and ticks into the environment. But do not throw this approach out immediately. You will have to weigh the benefits of birds and pest control compared to the chance of reintroduction.


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