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How to Grow Mullein Pink

Written by Mindy on June 16th, 2017

When I was a little girl, I used to walk through my great-grandmother’s garden in amazement. I used to listen to her stories as to where this plant came from and where that plant came from. One day I saw this fuchsia flower supported on a silvery-gray flower stalk. Oh, I fell in love with this flower. As I shyly asked my great-grandmother for a start, she said yes and went out and dug me up a clump. Everywhere I have lived I have taken this plant with me. While I have not lived in a lot of different places, mullein pink is hardy in USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 3 through 9.

While my great-grandmother dug up a clump of mullein pink, the best approach is through seed propagation. The reason for this is the fact that it is a biennial. When my great-grandmother dug up my plants I was just lucky they were on their first growing season.

The best propagation method for mullein pink is through seed propagation. While I have never found this seed at my local garden center, I have found a few sources online. But…….since I have my own mullein pink I harvest my own seeds in the fall.

To begin harvesting your seed starts off with knowing when the seeds are ready. I have found that once the flower is spent and the flower stalk has turned brown, the seed pod will begin to open. This is the point by which you want to harvest the seeds. While you could plant them now, it is better to save them for the early spring but………….do not just put them in a container. The best approach is to open up the seedpod and let the seeds dry out for a few more days before you put them in a paper envelope.

Yes, you can start your mullein pink indoors; I have found that it is better to directly seed into the garden space. What is the best garden space for this biennial?  Well, the best environment is one that receives full sun to partial shade and as a matter of fact I have several growing under a blue spruce. Also, the soil needs to be dry or very slightly moist. Finally, what is the best use for this biennial? Well, this plant looks wonderful in a border or planted in mass in a flower garden. Mullein pink also does well in rock gardens.

Now that you know where to plant, how do you plant? As you may have noted, the seeds of this plant are small. In doing so, you will only need to sprinkle the seed on bare ground and mist with water in the spring. In a few weeks, your mullein pink seeds will germinate and begin their growing journey.


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