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Propagating Yarrow from Seed

Written by Mindy on March 9th, 2016

Yarrow is a wonderful perennial that has a lot of old time charm.  It fits right into a formal landscape along with a country garden.  While yarrow plants can be purchased and they do give an “instant” look, it is fun to try to grow this perennial from seed.

propagating.yarrowGrowing yarrow from seed can occur either in the garden or indoors.  To begin the discussion, let’s talk about how to directly plant the seeds into the garden space.  The first step of this process is to select the right area.  Yarrow loves the sun and poor soil but it will not tolerate wet soils.  Once you have the perfect location selected, the next step is to wait for the weather.  You will want to plant your seeds outdoors when your local frost free date has passed and the soil has had a chance to warm.  After this has happened, you will need to prepare the garden space.  Begin this process by removing any weeds and turning the soil to a depth of 12 to 15 inches.  Next, mix in 2 to 4 inches of well seasoned compost into the soil and smooth over.

Now that the garden space is prepared, the next step is to plant the seeds.  This process is easy and only requires you to sprinkle the seeds on the soil’s surface.  Sprinkle ¼ inch of soil and top and gently water the seeds into the soil.

In 14 to 21 days, you will begin to see little green dots appear.  These dots are the germinated seeds.  Once the seedlings have their second set of true leaves, you will need to thin them out so that there is 2 feet of space between each plant.

If you decide to start your seeds inside, you will begin the process by pulling out your calendar.  You will need to count back 4 weeks from your frost free date.  This is the date by which you will need to plant your seeds.

To begin this process, one will need to clean your containers with bleach water.  Once they have been cleaned, rinse them in clear water and set out to dry.  Next, fill each container with an all-purpose potting soil.  After that is done, water the soil until you see moisture come out the bottom of the container(s).  Now that the soil is moistened, simple sprinkle seed on top of the soil.  After all the seeds have been planted, mist the soil and set in a sunny window.

Keep the soil moist but not wet.  It will take up to 21 days before you see seedlings appear.  Continue to take care of the seedlings until the weather warms up.  Prior to planting in the garden space, make sure to harden off the plants by gradually exposing them to the outdoors.


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