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How to Grow a Mango from a Seed

Written by Mindy on January 4th, 2016

Mangos are a tropical plant that does not well in areas that dip down below 40 degrees Fahrenheit.   While you may not live in a tropical and/or warm area, you can still have the fun of starting your own mango from a grocery store fruit.

The first step in this process is to go to the store and pick out a fresh mango.  This step is very important because an old mango will house old seeds, which could produce nothing or inferior seedlings.

mangoOnce you have your fruit, silt it down the sides and remove the flesh of the fruit.  Sit it aside to enjoy later.  Next, take the pit or what is viewed as the “seed.”  This large “seed” is actually a husk that protects the seed, which is much like what nuts do.  To get to the true seed, you will need to silt open the “husk” and harvest the seed.

The next thing you will need to do is to prepare the container.  Normally, you would start with a small pot but when it comes to mangos the best approach is to use a large pot with a drainage hole.  After you have your container, the next step is to sterilize the container.  Do not skip this step.  The process is easy and can save your seedlings in the future from plant disease.

To sterilize a pot, regardless of what it is made of, is easy and starts with water, bleach and a scrub brush.  Once you have your supplies together, the next step is to fill a basin with water and a capful of bleach.  Place the pot in the basin of bleach water and allow to soak for a few minutes.  Next, scrub the pot and rinse it in clear water.  Sit out to dry.

After the container has dried, place drainage material in the bottom of the container.  Fill the pot with an all-purpose potting soil.  Gently place the seed flat on top of the soil and top with ¼ inch of potting soil.   The key is to cover the seed and not bury it.  Once that is done, spray the soil surface with water.

Place the planted pot in a warm location that remains around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Continue to monitor the soil moisture and water when needed.  Mango seeds can germinate in 8 to 14 days but they can take up to three weeks to break ground.

Once the seeds germinate, move the container to a sunny window.  Continue to care for until you can plant outside in a well-drained, sunny location.


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