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Product Review: Earthworms Castings by Encap

Written by Mindy on November 3rd, 2015

If you are an organic gardener, you are always looking for an organic fertilizer that you do not have to make yourself.  This is where Encap comes into play.  They produce products that not only are said to be organic but they have OMRI stamp of approval that states this product is actually organic.

While I do raise worms for my own earthworm castings I do like the luxury of being able to buy it.  Earthworm castings are actually the waste from the earthworm.  I know, you are thinking this material is stinky but it has no odor and can be used inside or out.

earthworms.castingsWhy would you want to use earthworm castings as a fertilizer?  Well, the reasons go beyond the lack of aroma.  Adding earthworm casting to the soil improves the structure of the soil while improving the ability of water to move through the soil.  If you have light or sandy soils, earthworm castings can help the soil hold moisture.

Adding this type of fertilizer to your soil, not only improves the soil’s structure and function but it also aids in preserving the nutrients in the soil.  This is done by reducing the amount of nutrients that are leached from the soil, which means the nutrients remain in the soil longer so that the plants can take it up.  To help take up the nutrients, earthworm castings allow the plant to grow a strong and vigorous root mass.

The most important part of using earthworm castings in your soil is the fact that it reintroduces beneficial soil microbes and at the same time encourages their growth.  These numerous beneficial bacteria and fungi that can be found in earthworm castings aid in the health of the plant, which means fewer disease problems.

Overall the use of Encap Earthworm Castings is an important approach to use if organic gardening is important to you.  While I do like to make my own, there are times that I just do not have enough to meet my needs and in doing so it is nice to be able to just pick up a bag of trusted organic material.

The last thing that I love about this product can be found on the back of the bag.  I have worked with many beginning gardeners that had no clue on how or when to apply fertilizer.  This company had taken this into consideration and has included application directions for several different situations, which includes for potted plants, liquid fertilizer, and compost.  This speaks volumes to the commitment this company has not only for organic gardening but also for those gardeners looking to knowledge.


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