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How to Grow Tiger Jaws Cactus

Written by Mindy on November 13th, 2015

Boy, I seem to find the unusual.  This story starts off with trying to find a plant for my son.  The plant needed to be easy to grow and if he forgot about the plant it would survive.  I know what you are thinking a cactus is in order but believe it or not my son has killed a cactus.  Well, off to the garden center to see what I could find.

The search was a little unusual for me.  When I am looking for a plant,  I typically do not have a container for it instead I am just looking for a particular plant and will find the container later.  But, this situation was different.  I had the container and it was a blue, ceramic truck.

tiger.jaw.cactusAs I walked through the aisles of plant material, I really was not finding what I was looking for.  It was either too tall, too short, the wrong color or too hard to grow and then I saw it.  This plant was hiding underneath a shelf.  When I picked it up, I said yes.  This plant is the one and I ran to purchase it.

Ok, so I got the plant home and read the plant label, which consisted of a little sticky tag on the pot.  As a plant information collector, I learned that this plant will not grow taller than 6 inches.  It was recommended to plant it in a shallow container, which was not going to work for my project.   It was also recommended that the plant only be transplanted every 2 to 3 years.  Oh, dang it, I will have to go back to the garden center and buy a new plant for my son’s planter but…….that is ok on to how to grow a tiger jaws cactus.

This particular cactus is from South Africa.  The best growing requirements is to mimic the environment that plant came from.  In doing so, you will need to place your cactus in a location where it can receive bright light with a little direct light.  As far as watering goes, keep the soil slightly moist during the spring all the way through the fall but when winter approaches allow the soil to dry out completely between watering.

To keep your Tiger Jaws cactus looking its best requires a fertilizing program that spans from spring to the fall.  This program consists of feeding your cactus a diluted form of 2-7-7 fertilizer every two weeks.  Once winter arrives, stop feeding your cactus.

While this plant did not work for my project, it is a fun and unusual cactus to add to your collection.


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