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Product Review: Skinny Digger by Centurion

Written by Mindy on September 15th, 2015

Nothing beats a great garden tool and the Skinny Digger by Centurion is no exception.  It is a less expensive version of the old Hori Hori tool but having said that it works just as well and has a special surprise that the Hori Hori knife does not.

skinny.diggerBefore I get to this difference, let me talk about the aspects of this tool.  The first thing I really like about the Skinny digger is the nicely cushioned handle.  It is not slick but cushiony enough to make it comfortable in my hand.  The second thing I like about this tool is the fact that it has many uses in one.  I will be frank at this point and say that a multitool is not always the best choice.  Sometimes, when you combine my uses it one tool, something has to give and in most situations that is the quality of the tool.  Having said that, this is not the case with the Skinny Digger and its mulitool nature is a positive verses a negative.

Believe it or not, I can take this tool out to my garden space and dig holes while planting at the same time.  The concaved center allows me to scoop out small amounts of soil, which makes it really nice when I am planting small plants and/or bulbs.  I can also use it to cut through tough sod or even cut through a bag of soil or mulch.

But I know what you are thinking at this point.  What is the difference between the Hori Hori knife and the Skinny Digger?  Well, if you are familiar with the Hori Hori knife you will notice the difference and that is the end.  The end of the Skinny Digger has a split.  While this may seem so simple it is very important when it comes to weeds with taproots.  This simple addition allows me to slip this “forked” end around a weed such as a dandelion and lift it out of the ground using leverage.  Now I can get more of the root, which means the more root the less likely I will have to deal with this pest.

While I have looked into purchasing a Hori Hori knife, I have been stopped by the cost but this is not the case with the Skinny Digger.  It is a hardy garden tool that is reasonably priced and very affordable for the beginning gardener while still being an invaluable tool to the master gardener.


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