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Product Review: Forever Sharp Hand Pruners by Centurion Gardens & Outdoor Living

Written by Mindy on August 15th, 2015

Let me tell you, I have owned numerous hand pruners.  Some were wonderful, while others were not so great.  Those that were what I would call wonderful had similar characteristics, which included padded handles, a blade that stayed sharp, and replacement parts along with a loop on the end for hanging.  The hand pruners that fell into that less than satisfactory category also had common characteristics, which included non-padded handles, no extra parts, blades that dulled easily, and no way to hang the pruners.  While no hand pruner is perfect, I can safely say that I think I have found the best hand pruner on the market and that is the Forever Sharp Hand Pruners. start off with, these hand pruners have extra parts.  If you do not think that is important and money saving, consider how many hand pruners you have thrown away because the spring or blade broke.  Beyond the extra spring, an extra blade is included.  What more could I want in a hand pruner?  Well, testing this product this summer proved to me that the name tells it all.  Through a whole summer’s worth of working in the garden and landscaping, I never once picked up the hand pruners to use them and found them dull.

Another important issue about this product is the information that is on the package.  Believe me, I have bought several hand pruners and had no information about how to use them, where to use them or when.  This company has taken care of this fact.  They have realized that both experienced gardeners along with beginners will be using this product and in doing so they have a responsibility to educate all gardeners.  The information is in both words and pictures, which is very important to reach all learners.  The words are clear and concise but the best part is pictures.  Not only do they provide a picture of what a correct cut should look like but they also include cuts that are incorrect and explain why.

As wonderful as this product is, I do have a few suggestions that would make this product the best.  First, while there are extra parts there are no directions on how to replace the blade and/or spring.  Second, while I do appreciate the covered handles there are no loops or holes by which to hang the tool.  I can tell you from experience, if I do not hang a tool up I will lose it.

In general, the Forever Sharp Hand Pruners are worth the price and I would give them two thumbs up.


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