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Product Review: Bloomtubes

Written by Mindy on August 11th, 2015

I have worn many different hats in my life, which has included an agricultural education instructor, floral designer and teacher along with a farmer.  In doing so, I have tried many different types of products that deal with agriculture and floral design.  As I am always up to try something new, I decided to give Bloomtubes a try.

bloomtubesWhen I ordered my package, I choose the four pack.  This package included one size of each “vase” they sell.  It was neatly package in a metal tin that included an eye dropper and bottle brush.  Ok, I know what you are thinking.  Why would you need an eye dropper and bottle brush?  Well, the answer is simple and that is Bloomtubes are test tube shaped vases.  While this may seem boring and not a new concept, the difference between Bloomtubes and ordinary test tubes is the fact that they are equipped with magnets.  This latter characteristic is what makes these “vases” different.

Unlike other vases one can find in the floral shop, these vases can “hang” in the vertical space that seems to always be devoid of flowers. Now, you can have fresh flowers displayed on your fridge.  Need to add a little nature to your office?  Well, now you can without the expense and care of buying a live plant and it is easier to change the look with these little “vases.”

Do not let their little size fool you though.  The magnets on these vases are strong enough to hold a couple of small flowers or a small bouquet.  While the eye dropper may be a mystery, believe me when I say it is invaluable when it comes to adding flower preservative and/or water to the vase.

But do not stop there.  Bloomtubes are wonderful in the kitchen.  Not only do they allow you to display flowers on your fridge but they can also be used to temporarily store fresh herbs while you are cooking.  In the past, I have kept several small glasses with fresh herbs in my refrigerator.  As I have needed herbs, I have had to open the fridge and take out the glasses.  The glasses take up space on my counter and tend to get in my way as I cook.  But no more, now I can fill my Bloomtubes with water and snippets of the fresh herbs I plan to use for that meal and hang it all on my fridge.

Lastly, this company has thought of everything.  The case that the four pack comes in is metal, which keeps the Bloomtubes secure so that they do not break.

Overall, I would give this product a two thumbs up.


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