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Creating a Simple Planter from a Cork

Written by Mindy on April 1st, 2015

What to do, what to do with wine corks.  I have to admit I love wine but I do not like the leftover corks that I seem to accumulate.  But did you know that you can create a simple and functional vertical planter from these little stoppers?  Well, you can and it is not as hard as what you may think.

To begin this process, you will need to get a few supplies together.  The first supply you will need are your corks but not just any corks.  I have found that only those that are made from natural cork material will work.  How can you tell?  Take a look at the cork.  If it has a woody, porous appearance then it is Mother Nature made.  On the other hand, if it is smooth in nature then you probably have a synthetic cork.

cork.planterNext, you will need to get a sharp knife, hot glue gun, small magnets, soil, and succulents.

Now that you have your supplies, the next step is to start creating.  The first step is to hollow out an opening in the top of the cork.  This does not have to be extremely deep but deep enough to hold soil and a succulent.  Ok, I know you are holding your cork going how do I do this.  Well, take a screwdriver and poke a hole in the top of the cork.  This hole will give your knife something to grab a hold of to start making the opening.

Once the hole has been made, the next step is to attach the magnet to what will be the back of the planter.  This can be done by applying a dollop of hot glue to the back of the cork and then placing the magnet into the hot glue.  Allow to dry.

After the magnet is secure, the next step is to plant your cork.  Begin this process by placing soil inside the hole.  This can be a challenge but it is easier to work the soil into the cork with your hand verses using a spoon.  Once the soil has reached the top of the cork, you can begin the planting process.  As you have probably figured, you will not be able to use full sized plants.  Instead, you will need to take cuttings.

To plant the cuttings, simply take the cutting and gently push it down into the soil.

As far as watering goes, just add a few drops of water to the soil surface.  Succulents do not require much water.


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