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How to Care for Your Bromeliad Indoors

Written by Mindy on November 10th, 2014

Bromeliads are beautiful plants that can add that touch of the tropics to any interscaped environment or in other words, indoors.  While they do look complicated to grow, they really are not but to be successful one must follow these simple care instructions.

The first thing one needs to do properly when it comes to bromeliad care is watering.  Believe it or not, bromeliads can survive some drying out but will not live if the roots are waterlogged.  What this means is one should always check the soil before watering.  To do this, stick your finger down into the soil until you reach about the two inch mark.  Once you have done that, pull you finger straight up and examine it.  Yes, I know this sounds weird but this process will tell you whether you need to water the plant or not.

If you finger comes out clean then you will need to water.  On the other hand, if your finger is covered in soil, do not water.

Now that you know when to water, the next step is to learn how.  While watering sounds simple, the bromeliad itself requires some extra steps.  First, never place your water in a metal watering can.  Bromeliads are very sensitive to metal toxicity.  Also, do not use water from the tap.  Instead, collect some rain water to use.

Next, you have two areas of a bromeliad that will need to be watered.  First, water the soil.  You will need to add enough water to the soil until you see moisture coming out the drainage holes in the container.  The second location is the water reservoir that is located where all the leaves radiate from.  You will need to flush and refill this area often to keep the water fresh.

bromeliadAfter watering, the next thing one will need to do is to increase the humidity level.  Bromeliads thrive in environments that have a humidity level of around 60 percent.  While this is easily achieved in the outdoor environment, the indoor setting can be more challenging.  You have a couple of ways of increasing humidity in your home.  One way is to increase the number of plants sitting around your bromeliad.  The sure presence of several plants going through transpiration will increase the humidity level.  Second, one can simply place their bromeliad on a humidity tray.  While you can go out and buy one, why bother when you can make one.  To do this, fill a tray with pebbles.  Add water to this tray and then place your plant on top.  This tray will create the moisture that you need without getting the roots wet and causing root rot.

The last environmental factor you will need to consider is light.  While the light requirement can vary between bromeliad varieties, a good bet is to place your plant on a south facing windowsill.


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