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Product Review: The Garden and Tool Caddy

Written by Mindy on September 2nd, 2014

If you are like me, you are always looking for something that can keep you organized while carrying everything I think I will need for a gardening task.  Yes, I have tried many different organizational tools, which includes the bucket covers, and other tool caddies.  But none of them seem to have what I am looking for and many are limited on their different applications.  What I mean by this is they fit a bucket, hang on the wall or slide onto a wheelbarrow.  None of them are muti-purposed, until now.

This is where The Garden and Tool Caddy separates from the rest of the pack.  First, it is American made product.  Second, the flexibility is what really sets it apart from the rest.  While the concept for this plastic organizer may seem simple, it is not.  A lot of thought went into creating this product.  First, it can fit pretty much any moveable device you may be using in the garden space.  This includes wheelbarrows, commercial trashcan on wheels, and can even be hung on the wall.  Do not worry about the shape of your moveable, gardening device, this company has thought of that.  It includes a curved edge that easily fits the circular edge of trash cans.  It also has a straight edge to conform to wheelbarrow edges along with square, yard waste bins that many communities now have available for compost material collection.

garden.tool.caddyWhile this company did think of every possible shaped movable, gardening device when they were creating the design for this garden and tool caddy, it also thought of the stability of the product.  Unlike other garden caddies, this product has three adjusting leveling tabs that keep the tool caddy level.  No more tools falling out of the caddy, which is fantastic plus.

Another unique feature of this product is the fact that it can be hung on the wall with a strap that is purchased separately.  But the most unique feature is the fact that the same strap that supports it on a wall can also be used to support it on the human body.  What I mean by this is that the strap can be place around the neck so that the caddy can hang in front of you.  Much like the caddy that beverages are sold from at a baseball game.  While this may seem a little odd, I can tell you that this is very helpful when it comes to gardening and as a matter of fact having this feature saves my back from numerous bends that are required for many different hand pruning techniques.   This feature literally means I can keep my gardening tools at my fingertips.

Lastly, the other feature I love is the fact that it has a space for my phone.  Now, if I have a question on a garden pest, I have my phone easily available to me and I no longer have to go searching in my gardening bucket for my phone.

The only negative I have about this product is the fact that the drainage holes seem to be very small.  While they would drain water away, it seems that under a heavy rain the compartments would quickly fill with water before draining.  In doing so, I would more likely empty my caddy, dump out the water and then get on to my gardening tasks.  To make this product perfect, I would suggest making the holes slightly bigger.


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