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How to Kill Trumpet Creeper

Written by Mindy on July 16th, 2014

As beautiful as trumpet creeper is, there are still individuals that just do not like it.  But what can you do if you find it creeping into your yard or you decide that you just do not want the plant anymore?  Well, there are several approaches that one can use but the most important technique is persistence.  In doing so, the treatments below will have to be used for several years before the plant is complete killed.

trumpet.creeperChop It

If you have a large vine, the first step in this process is to chop it down as close to the ground as possible.  If the stump is small enough, dig up the plant material and throw it away in the trash.

Boil It

Once the plant material has been chopped and/or dug up, the next step is to boil it.  To do this, place a pot of water on the stove and get it as hot as possible.  Then, pour over the existing stump.  Repeat several times after chopping down and continue with this treatment for several months

If the stump is very large, consider drilling holes in the stump and then pour water into the holes.  To speed up the death/decomposition of the stump, add salt and/or Epson salt to the holes.

Mow It

The last approach requires one to mow down any little trumpet creepers that pop up in the garden space.  This step can be required for several years even after the mother plant has been removed.

Another approach is to control the trumpet creeper before it gets out of hand and you want to kill it.  To do this, one will need to always mow down any suckers that appear.  This will cut down on the spreading of the plant.  You will also need to deadhead the vine often.  While this will make the plant look wonderful, it will also prevent the plant from going to seed and spreading.  The last approach is to think before you plant.  Planting a plant that is invasive is a great way of creating a problem that probably is hard to correct.  In doing so, check with your local extension agent before planting anything that may be questionable in your growing area.  Also, take a look at your community’s growing rules.  Some subdivisions do not allow highly invasive plants to be planted in the landscape.

Once your trumpet creeper has been killed, fill in the area with soil.  This will aid in suffocating any roots that may remain in the ground.


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