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Simple Ways to Preserve Flowers

Written by Mindy on February 28th, 2014

Everyone loves flowers.  But the best flowers of all are those given to you by a love one.  While you can take pictures to preserve the moment and they do say that a picture is worth a thousand words, there does exit a better approach and that is to preserve the flowers.  One approach to do is to press the flowers in a flower press or between pages in a book.  While this will preserve the flowers, you really cannot do much with them except save in a photo album or display in a picture frame.  But did you know there are some other choices in preservation that will allow you to use the flowers?  Well, yes there is and while there are several techniques one could perform only three will be covered below.

Drying in the Vase

One of the easiest ways of drying flowers is by leaving them in the vase.  This works great with roses and allows the petals to come open for a more natural look compared to drying upside down.   While the name of drying in the vase says it all, you do need about an inch to two inches of water in the vase when you first get the flowers.  This will give you time to enjoy the blooms before they start drying.  Also, to preserve the color as much as possible, do not place the flowers in direct sunlight.

Once the water in the vase has disappeared, do not replenish.  Allow the flowers to remain in the vase until completely dried.


Drying Upside Down

Drying upside down is another technique but to get the most from this approach, do not leave your flowers in the vase too long.  You want to dry your flowers before they begin to open since the hanging process will cause the blooms to open.

To dry upside down, one will need some twine and a well-ventilated area that is warm.  Remove the flowers from the vase, tie the stems together and hand upside down making sure that the flowers are not exposed to direct sunlight.

Allow the flowers to hang until completely dried, which means you feel no moisture in the petals.


Waxing is not a permanent way of saving flowers but the blooms should last about a week with this technique.   To begin this process, melt paraffin in a double broiler.  While you are waiting for the wax to melt, cut the stems of the flowers so that they are about two inches in length.  Once the wax has melted, gently dip the bloom into the wax and allow to drip.  Once the dripping has stopped, place the flower in floral foam to dry.  After it has dried, you can dip again if you choose.

Drying flowers is a great way of extending the enjoyment they bring.  Just keep in mind, that the thicker the petals the better they will preserve.


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