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Got Bagged Soil and Need a Garden? Then Create a Potting Soil Bag Container Garden

Written by Mindy on June 6th, 2013

Oh what does a gardener do when they have no garden?  Well the answer is easy; they create their own garden space.  To do this, one only needs a few supplies, a little time, and human ingenuity.

Supplies needed for this project include one bag of all-purpose soil or compost/manure, an old plant flat, utility knife, and plants.  After you have your supplies lined up, the next step consists of creating your garden.

To begin this process, lay your bag of potting soil inside the flat.  Now place your “soil flat” in the location where you would like your garden to be.  It is easier to move it before planting then after.  Once you have the “garden” in its location, begin to cut “Xs” in the side of the bag that is facing up.  Each “X” represents one plant.   As a gauge, one can fit three to four plants per bag.

After the “Xs” have been cut, open up these cut spaces to expose the soil.  Now, dig a hole just like you would in a traditional or container garden for your plant.  Once that is done, remove one plant from its container and tease the roots.  Then, place the plant in the hole, and fill in the hole with soil.  Repeat with the remaining plants.

Once all the plants have been planted, water in the plant material.  Then, close up each “X” and poke a few small holes in the top.  This will be additional areas where water can enter the garden.


When it comes time for watering, pull back the “Xs” and water each plant.  After the plants’ roots have become established, poke a few drainage holes in the underneath side of the bag.  This is done after the plants have taken hold so that their roots can hold the soil in place verses the soil running out of the holes.

While this is a very simple type of garden, there are a few hints to follow when it comes to this gardening technique.   One, avoid anything that may need to be trellised.  The depth of the soil in the bag is not deep enough to hold the trellis up.  Two, if you are planting tomatoes do not try to plant them deep instead use the trench method.  This method requires one to dig a long trench.  Once the trench has been dug and in this case it will be under the “X,” bend the tomato plant into the shape of a “J.”  Once that has been done, remove the leaves along the stem leaving three to four on the top.  Now, lay the plant in the trench and fill in.  The stem under the ground will develop leaves and help hold the plant up.  As far as tomato varieties go, always use determinate tomato plants.  These will require no trellising.

Lastly, if you are a forgetful gardener, consider adding a slow-release fertilizer and/or hydrogel to each hole before planting.  If this is done, you will not need to panic if you miss a feeding and/or watering.


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