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Container Gardening in a Reusable Bag

Written by Mindy on June 11th, 2011

Many containers exist out there that make container gardening stylish and simple. But finding a container that is deep enough to hold tomatoes, potatoes or horseradish can be an expensive endeavor. But there does exist an inexpensive solution that can be found at practically any store. This solution is the simple reusable bag.

These bags are deep enough to meet the planting requirements of many vegetables and small enough to fit on even the smallest patio. To begin the process of creating your own reusable bag container garden starts with purchasing the bags. Keep in mind though that light colors reflect light while dark colors absorb. This principle can become very apparent when it comes to watering the container and needs to be considered when deciding on plant material. The just of this is to only use dark colored bags for plants that love heat but when using these bags monitor the soil moisture carefully.

Next, the type of soil that is used needs to be considered. Regular all-purpose potting soil by itself can be heavy. If the bag is going to be moved a lot the weight can be a problem but there does exist a solution. This solution can aid in maintaining soil moisture while reducing the weight. This solution can be approached in two different ways. The first way is to just mix in the stuffing from a clean diaper. The gel that keeps your child dry will also keep the soil moist and reduce the weight. This gel is referred to as a hydrogel. If using clean diaper stuffing is a problem, commercial hydrogel does exist. The other approach consists of using a simple soilless mix that can be purchased through seed catalogues and horticulture specialty stores.

If the reusable bag is not going to be moved, a simple all-purpose soil mixture will work fine.

Once the soil has been gathered, it is time to begin the planting process. Since these bags are so porous there is no need to lay down drainage material. If you do not need such a deep space, packing peanuts can be placed in the bag to reduce the depth.
Begin the planting process by filling the bag ΒΌ full with your chosen soil mixture. Now plant any plant that requires a deep hole or has a deep root system. This includes sweet potatoes, Irish potatoes, tomatoes, and horseradish. Once the plants have been placed in the bag, fill the bag with your chosen potting soil mixture. After it has been filled, water in the plant material and add additional soil if needed.

Do not limit yourself to plants requiring depth or those with a deep root system. This type of container garden is great for creating a four-season garden and even a flower garden without the cost of a large container or land.

When doing this type of container garden, there does exist a few things that need to be considered. First, they can be a little messier than a traditional container garden. This means that water will pour out of the bottom of the bag and can cause problems for those living in an apartment. Second, these bags dry out quickly and require a lot of water. This may not be the best type of container to choose if you live in an area that has water restrictions. And third, if the bag is moved by its handle, it can create a mess if the bag breaks. This last problem is easily solved if the bag is placed on a tray after it has been planted. This will allow the gardener to move the planted container without the fear of the bag breaking.

Container gardening has evolved to the point that anyone can garden anywhere with anything and these reusable bags meet this need. So the next time you are at the store, pick up one or two of these reusable bags and join the repurposing movement.


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