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Plant Disease Resistant Roses

Written by Hilary on October 5th, 2010

The bare root rose season is almost upon us and it will be a good time to add new plants to your garden.

Many gardeners however, feel that rose plants aren’t worth planting because the flowers and foliage can be prone to mildew and other diseases.

Well here is some good news. Some roses are more disease resistant than others, so if you want to add a few roses to your yard or garden this coming season, here are a few that will perform better for you with a lot less hassle and work.

According to a survey by the American Rose Society, the following cultivars are among the best for disease resistance:


‘Baby Betsy McCall’
‘Gourmet Popcorn’
‘Little Artist’
‘Rainbow’s End’
‘Rose Gilardi’


‘Queen Elizabeth’



Shrub Roses:

‘All That Jazz’
‘Carefree Wonder’

Hybrid Teas:

‘Smooth Lady’

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