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Pears That Tolerate Cold and Fire Blight

Written by Hilary on October 16th, 2010

Pear trees are great for the home gardener because they generally suffer from fewer pest problems than apples, but they can still have issues.

You can avoid these few problems, however, and have luscious fruit to enjoy by growing pears that tolerate cold and fire blight.

Very cold hardy pear cultivars:

‘Flemish Beauty’ – hardy to Zone 2
‘Nova’ – very juicy
‘Golden Spice’
‘Summer Crisp’

Pears resistant to fire blight:

‘Flemish Beauty’
‘Golden Spice’
Siberia Pear (Pyrus ussuriensis) hybrids: ‘John’ and ‘Ure’

If your area has a fire blight problem make sure to avoid ‘Bartlett’ or any pear with ‘Bartlett’ in its pedigree.

If you need more information about fire blight and how to control it, read:

How To Control Fire Blight Organically

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