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Stake Tomato Cages For Better Results

Written by Hilary on June 17th, 2010

Everyone plants their tomatoes differently. If you’re one of those gardeners that prefer to cage your tomatoes so they don’t sprawl on the ground and risk rotting, then this solution is for you.

Cages However, Have Problems

The problem with standard tomato cages is that they tend to wobble from side to side and many times the plants are so vigorous that they overgrow and overwhelm their cages and eventually pull them down.

The Solution is Simple: Stake Your Cages.

Simply secure the tomato cages by driving two stakes about 1 foot (30 cm) into the ground on either side of each cage and tie the cages to the stakes.

This Will Give You Two Benefits:

1. You get extra height for the tomatoes to grow upwards

2. You have given extra support to the cage so it doesn’t fall apart with the weight of the large plants

Just remember, if you do tie any of the tomato branches to the cage or stakes, use flexible material such as green garden tape so the stems don’t get strangled.

This simple trick will get your tomato plants securely off the ground and you don’t have to watch as your tomato cages start slowly sagging to the ground from the plant’s mass – instead the cages will stand tall – giving the tomatoes the opportunity to grow sturdy and tall themselves and produce tons of healthy tomatoes.

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