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When To Start Herb Seeds Indoors Gardening Tip

Written by Hilary on February 11th, 2010

This week finishes up our three-part series on starting vegetable, flower and herb seeds indoors.

This is an important topic, because if you start seeds too early, you can hurt your chances of success.

To make sure you start your herb seeds at the correct time, here are some guidelines to help you figure out how many weeks you need to allow between starting herb seeds indoors and transplanting them into the garden:

Herb & Weeks to Transplant Time:

Basil – 4 to 6
Chives – 6 to 8
Dill – 4 to 6
Lavender – 8 to 10
Rosemary – 8 to 10
Sage – 6 to 8
Thyme – 8 to 10

Remember: smaller plants tend to transplant into the garden really well, so there is no pressing need to grow large transplants.

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