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Benefits of Shrub Roses

Written by Hilary on October 16th, 2008

If you’ve always liked the idea of growing roses, but felt they were to fussy to deal with, try shrub roses.

They are a much friendlier choice for the person new to gardening, or the person who just doesn’t want to take a lot of time!

Here Are The Benefits of Shrub Roses:

1. Many shrub roses will thrive in conditions that are not suitable for hybrid tea roses

2. They tolerate colder weather than hybrid tea roses and they’ll grow in various climates

3. They require little maintenance so both pruning and upkeep are much easier

4. They have a natural ability to resist disease, so they are less prone to diseases

5. They will rebloom throughout the summer and into the fall

6. They grow in a natural shrub form that is very pleasing

7. They grow well into a hedge

8. They do well when combined with other plants and you can plant underneath them with compact perennials

Now, if you’re not sure of the basic differences between a shrub rose and a hybrid tea, here is a quick comparison:

Shrub Roses: have a more informal habit and grow to an average hieght of 5 feet (1.5 m). The flowers are 2 to 4 inches (5 to 10 cm) wide, and come in single or semi-double. They are generally repeat flowering and are borne either singly or in small clusters from June to October.

Hybrid Tea and Floribunda Roses: have flowers that are generally double although single forms do exist. A single flower is produced at the end of each stem, when this has died the buds just under the flower head can produce another 3 – 4 usually smaller flowers.

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