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How To Save Corn Seed

Written by WG on August 23rd, 2007

If you are going to save corn seed this year, make sure it has not been cross pollinated, or that it is not seed from a hybrid plant, because hybrid varieties may not produce fertile seed. You’ll want to do this seed saving exercise only with a non-hybrid variety of corn.

Here’s How To Do It:

1. To save corn seed choose the earliest and the best-developed corncobs you can find

2. Cover them with a large enough paper bag to be able tie the top off to keep the bugs and grubs out

3. Do not use a plastic bag as the cob needs to breathe

4. Allow the cob to develop and dry out on the stalk as long possible

5. To store the cobs, remove them from the bag, pull back the husks, and hang in a dry area away from bugs or rodents, or you will end up with a dried out corncob with no seed

6. When the cobs are fully dried out, carefully break-off the seed, store in a paper bag, and keep in a cool place (the bottom of the fridge is a good spot) until springtime and you want to sow it

7. Good seed should be viable for at least two years

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  1. nJaohnt says:

    Good, but confusing! I would put up some pictures. If I hang them outside, won’t the birds eat it? What then?

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