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Give Your Potatoes A Boost At Planting Time!

Written by Hilary on April 27th, 2007

At planting time, there are two things you can do that will really help your potatoes do well.

1. Before planting, dust your potato pieces in sulfur. You can do this by simply putting some sulfur, and your seed potato pieces in a bag, and shaking them all up. The sulfur helps prevent rotting, and also makes the soil a bit more acid, which potatoes like.

2. In the bottom of your furrow, or if growing in a container, your pot, put about a 1/4 handful of a high phosphorous fertilizer like a 0-20-0 at 10 to 12 inch (24-31 cm) intervals (the distance between the seed potatoes). After you put that down, just make sure you to cover the fertilizer with a few inches of soil so the seed potato won’t be in direct contact with it. Phosphorous helps with root growth which really helps your potatoes do well.

Cover your seed potato with soil, and continue with your normal hilling, watering, and care of your crop.

Overall – if you get them started with the sulfur and the phosphorous, you will see a nice improvement in the size and health of your potatoes.

Good luck!

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