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Garden Rock Craft Idea

Written by Hilary on August 16th, 2006

Now that the weeds are taken care of, let’s do something fun!

These Rock Teddy Bears are easy and fun to make. I think they are really different, and they give your yard a fresh lift. It’s always nice to add something new to your garden, and these can be made as big or small you like.

Here is what you do:

1. Choose 12 rocks: 1 large for the body, 1 second largest for the head, 2 medium sized for the ears, 4 round ones for the feet and hands, and 4 oblong for arms and legs.

2. Get a Masonry Bit for your drill

3. Drill holes where the head, arms and legs go

4. Get some heavy duty wire and then wire together

What takes the most time is the drilling, but once that is done, you can set your Teddy Bear anywhere you want. These also make great gifts.

Till next week!


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  1. Anonymous says:

    How cute!! I bet you could make rock mice or raccoons, too, if you thought about the design. Thaks for a great idea.


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